A sense of belonging within the community

A sense of belonging within the community

“We try to inspire to be happier and healthier.”

Steve, Wellbeing Coach

A sense of belonging within the community

I’ve started working for the Healthy and Active Families Team, as Wellbeing Coach. Within that we work with eight primary schools across Newport basically to inspire them to be happier healthier and to inspire them to take part in more sport and physical activity. Really learning on the job and the most I've ever learned is probably actually doing the work itself; going into a community session, you can learn as much as you possibly can but actually getting involved in the sessions and being involved in that environment is probably the best experience you could possibly have.

“We try to inspire to be happier and healthier and you can see that in the customers and the people that we work with across the Community Sport and Wellbeing team”

It just gives me a part, a sense of belonging really of what I could do in the community. I’ve worked in a factory, so I know, I understand that coming in and actually valuing your job the best, it’s what it means to me… I work with an absolutely fantastic team, it’s improved my social skills because I've been able to make so many friends from just knowing people from the actual organisation itself and for me that just means the world to me, you can see that I'm making a difference.

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